What we do

E7CD4AAEF3ULink Insights was formed to build better relationships in the following area:

  • Facilitate student mobility across borders: We are experts at providing counselling and placement advice to potential students seeking to emigrate from their countries into Canadian universities and colleges. Through our Study in Canada program we will help you identify and match the right schools, apply to the right program, prepare your visa application packs, and transition you from your country to Canada. We realize it could be daunting. We are here to help.
  • Establish firmer relationships between schools in your countries and Canadian post-secondary institutions: Canadian post-secondary institutions are among the best in the world. Its content and curriculum are recognized globally and it prepares students for work. We help to establish relationships between Canadian institutions and your schools in the areas of teacher transfer and student exchange, joint credentials  and programs, international internships, and specialized contract training.
  • Facilitate Intergovernmental relationships: Education is an important sector and a major contributor to Canada’s economy. Canadian provinces welcome countries and states to establish educational and research relationships with them. ULink Insights helps to facilitate these relationships; it helps you to build connections with various government departments.
  • Educational Consulting: Most institutions have traditional face-to-face trainers or content developers but lack the skills to develop for online or blended delivery. Our team of experts will help you design and deliver quality online or blended learning programs, curriculum and courses using tried and tested methodologies.
  • Technology Consulting: We pride our selves in our experience as technology solutions providers. We deliver project management, business analysis, and process reengineering skills with a strong emphasis on the efficiency of your business.